Sunday, 14 July 2013

Festival Fashion

Hello! This post is a follow up from my Blissfields roundup. I took quite a lot of clothes to the festival, probably more than I needed! In addition to the festival basics of denim shorts and wellies (which were, thankfully, not needed!) I brought quite a few dresses with me so I'm going to show you some of my faves!
1. The floral floaty dress I was so excited when I purchased this dress in Topshop Oxford Circus last year. I love the bright floral colours and the sheer floaty fabric. I teamed it with my floral crown for a 'fairy-like' feel. I've tended to stick to plain white dresses this summer so I brought back some colour for the festival.
2. Floral dress
I got this dress in a thrift store in Canada in 2011, and shortened it. I love the contrast of the bright colours with the black. 3. TK Maxx bargain
My obsession with broderie anglaise began some time around March this year and has continued to grow. The texture is beaautiful and was a bargain at £14.99!
4. Flower crown Flower crowns are everywhere and I was a bit dubious at first - I didn't think they would suit me. But the day before I left for Blissfields I decided to give them a go! My mum helped me to make a flower crown of real flowers based on the NastyGal youtube tutorial: My real flower crown (worn in the pic with 'Jaws') was beautiful but sadly did not last the whole weekend with the hot weather. However, at the festival there was a stall in which you could make your own flower crown for £5. It took me a bit longer than I expected (around 3 hours!) but I was really pleased with the end result.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Blissfields Festival 2013

Going to a music festival is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time, but I just never seemed to get round to it! However, that all changed when I attended Blissfields last week. Blissfields is a relatively 'small scale' music festival compared to some of the UK's most famous festivals (like Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, etc.) I think that the size somehow makes it more 'special' and friendly than some of the other festivals (from what I've heard!) The atmosphere of Blissfields was absolutely amazing! From the moment we arrived, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The festival was based this year at Vicarage Farm in the Hampshire countryside and was the perfect place to relax! We'd bought Thursday tickets in addition to our weekend ticket, which I would definitely recommend! We spent the evening exploring the site. I was excited about the 'Hidden Hedge', which had a 'party in a forest' kind of vibe with a big bonfire and sofas and cushions scattered around. The music on the Thursday evening was provided by bands from around the country who had won the 'Road to Blissfields' competition in their area. After spending the evening watching some brilliant bands, we headed over to the 'DocTent.' I'm not sure if this is something that's done every year at Blissfields, but as the theme of this year's festival was 'The Director's Cut', it was definitely appropriate! The DocTent acted as the Blissfields cinema. We caught 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' while relaxing on cosy vintage sofas.
Scattered around the site were 'props' from films, so I got a quick snap with Jaws! I was so excited to see both the headliners Bastille and Mystery Jets, Mystery Jets in particular as I've been a fan of theirs since I was about 12! Some of the other acts who really impressed me were Sam Smith, The Staves and Man Like Me. I'd recommend you check them out!
My first ever festival and my first ever Blissfields was incredible and I cannot wait to go back next year! &I'll be posting about my first foray into 'festival fashion' very soon.

sunny sunday

Hello! It's finally sunny here in the UK, giving me a chance to wear summer clothes that were (almost) beginning to gather dust in my wardrobe. I'm hoping this beautiful weather will continue! A white dress seems to be my 'go to' look this summer (although this little number is technically ivory coloured!) My dress is from Jack Wills. I paired it with my Cath Kidston handbag, tan sandals and baby blue cardigan from Primark for the very agreeable price of £4.90. A whole cardigan for almost the same price as a Costa. Thank you Primark! Hope everyone is enjoying the sun! L :)