Monday, 19 May 2014


My sister Helen, whose blog you can check out at is currently revising hard for her final university exams! It seems so strange that she is already finishing and will be entering the world of work! After being contacted by Simply Health with the opportunity to visit Botanical Gardens, Helen invited me to take the opportunity and I was very glad to do so! We're all aware of the need to make sure we're healthy but often with busy lifestyles we're pushed for time. It's hard to get a balance sometimes but Simply Heath's campaign emphasises that you don't need an expensive gym membership and the ability to work out for hours each a day! Small steps can be taken to ensure that exercise can be effective yet fun!
A few weeks back my mum and I visited the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in the beautiful Hampshire countryside and spent the afternoon looking at the gorgeous plants and scenery. It's easy to while away many hours in the gardens - and burn calories while you're doing so!
I think this is definitely the best time of year to visit! Everything seemed to be in full bloom with beautiful brightly coloured flowers decorating the trees.
It only seemed appropriate to add to the flowery scenery so I teamed my Cath Kidston floral trousers with my Birkenstocks, white Superdry lace vest and denim jacket.
Do you have botanical gardens near you, or have you visited Hillier's before? Let me know! :)

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